Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Truckin' thru

After spending a weekend with our friends in North Bay we got a ride with the friend of theirs going straight to Sault Ste. Marie. Thank you Lindy!!!
At the border our bags got shaken out, of course, but we made it through. On the American side hitching is, apparently, illegal, or so everybody says. For us, though, it was easy to get about 70 miles covered that day. The next morning a semi picked us up, and we stayed with him for almost two days! Paul was a very kind guy, he gave us a few great tips on hitching around here and tried his very best at rounding up a ride for us using his CB radio.We have decided to take the most southern route we can - I-80 to be warm and dry!
Paul dropped us off in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and from here a friend of his will pick us up tomorrow morning and drive us to Omaha, Nebraska.
It's much warmer down here than up in Northern Ontario!


  1. well it's technically also illegal to hitchhike on the 400 series highways, so...

    i wish there were pictures! Too bad about your cord :(

  2. hesi: yes, it's wrong and dangerous to be on high-speed freeways, we try not to do that, but here, there are signs everywhere that say: don't pick up hitch hikers, hitch-hiking is illegal (meaning on the freeways) but people think that it's everywhere that's illegal.
    We finally got the cord, so watch out for pictures!
    efedor: ya man, 4 riding days (all in rigs) across the USA, 2 days stuck in cold and rain in Iowa - you summed it up nicely :)