Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally on the road

George here,

So, yes, we've finally escaped the Big Smoke, and bussed it up to Barrie yesterday. Then we split ways, I went to see friends in Minesing and Anastasia went to see Bill. The hitch to Minesing was examplary easy. When I was crossing a north-bound onramp of the 400, a lady pulled over, thinking I was going North. I was just walking by! That was super nice, I thought, a good omen. Made it to Minesing just in time, socialized and threw various metal tools at the target from 20 and 50 feet away. The double-headed axe and a skil-saw blade flew well and far, but the fireman's "destroy-framing" hatchet required certain skill to make it travel straight through the air. After everybody went home Klaus took me to his place in a civic that he modified so it only uses 4.something liters per 100 kilometers!!! Now I'm in the library, waiting for Anastasia, and then we're off.
It feels good to be traveling again, it's a gorgeous day outside, too!!!
Next stop in Winnipeg Beach, MB!


  1. great picture:-) Who took it? Glad to hear you two are off to a good start:-)

  2. Hi Curtis,

    The camera took it, all by itself, actually:)

  3. we wrote you a very cool comment, but the internet decided to disregard it...

    we hope you're having a goof time... write back so we'll know that you weren't eaten by bears :)

    Anna and Danny

  4. *good :)
    but goofy time is good nonetheless...