Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stanley Park provides

For the last three days staying in Vancouver we have found a very nice camping spot in Stanley park. Located at the end of the trolleybus line, this place felt really peaceful and quiet after crowded streets of the city.
Slept under the cover of huge cedar trees, variety of ferns and wild raspberries which we gathered in big quantities for our breakfast and dinner.

Sweet times!


  1. Hey congratulations you made it! Don't forget about your friend in Comox:-)

  2. Awesome!
    I loved Stanley park too. Didn't get to camp in it though :)

  3. Salut Anastasia,

    Un petit commentaire en français pour te saluer.
    J'ai parcouru les articles et je vois que tu as déjà fait un bon bout de chemin. Bravo !
    Alors bonne route encore...

  4. Salut Valerie!
    C'est une surpris! Oui, le voyage a deja comence et il est vraiment bon, Canada est incroyable, beaucoup de gens gentilles et interesantes.
    J'espere que tu aimes le blog.
    Merci pour tes salutations.