Thursday, July 2, 2009


A lot happened since our last post here:)
Alors. After visiting our old friend Cameron in Vancouver, we went to Pemberton, as we were told there will be a bush party, burning a wooden truck.It was raining hard, but the Pembertonians did not seem to mind at all. The truck did not burn, however :(
Tara and Jim invited us to stay at their camping trailer, the Silver Bullet, and we slept in it for three nights. The next day we were royally entertained by our hosts: we shot shotguns, small and very large (30-06) rifles, went down the Ryan creek on a canoe, drinking merrily all the way. The paddle was so good that we even entertained an idea of floating all the way down to Vancouver. Unfortunately, there are class 5 rapids on the way, so we bailed out.
The next day, Tara was very kind to lend us her car to go check out Jeoffre Lakes. The hike was only 10 km return and turned out to be very nice, the lakes with stunningly blue water were super cold and the glacier was majestic.
We so much enjoyed staying in this town, people are super kind and caring and you can feel a strong community here. We might come back there one day!
Having said goodbye, we headed to Victoria. The ride to the ferry was timed so well that when we stepped on the boat, the gates closed right behind us! Open possibilities rule!
The boat took us to Nanaimo, and the next day we found ourselves in Victoria, right in time for Canada day's fireworks that we decided to enjoy from the top of the hill away from the crowds.
All the three nights in Victoria we camped in the central park again-so easy to find secluded spots in there.
Next stop: Juan de Fuca Marine Trail that runs along the south western coast of the Island for about 50 km and then joins with the West Coast Trail, but we'll see about that one.

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  1.'s like you ripped those photos out of a tourism brochure.