Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prince Rupert

It's ironic that we had to go this far north to enjoy some of the most conventional comfort for almost a week. Our hosts, Al and Rachael, are among the friendliest and hospitable people we've ever met: they gave us free range in their kitchen, Rachael drove us around town, and they are simply great souls.
Their back deck faces almost directly West,
and the view is breathtaking any time of the day.
They have a hot tub (with bubbles!) out on the deck, and we were in it twice!
Al and Rachael are leaving on a cross-country bike trip in two days, and their bike is going to touch both oceans:
There are a lot of totem poles around town:
Smithers is next, where we'll stay on Rachael's sister's organic farm, sounds like it'll be good times!

P.S. Consider this: We came to know Al and Rachael through Bret, Tara's brother, whom we met in Winnipeg Beach this summer, and we met Tara last year when Eugene and George hitch-hiked through Winnipeg. A long-reaching chain of friends, eh?

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  1. Hey, sounds like you guys are doing everything right! Congratulation son your successful travels so far - may they continue! Anastasia, I got the bracelet, and I am wearing it as we speak - thank you!