Friday, July 10, 2009

Out of the woods

Juan de Fuca was very, very spectacular, beautiful purple sunsets, misty sunrises, wild beaches and lots of salmon berries that we consumed in large quantities!! The trail itself was a bit hard for my endurance- lots of mud, extremely long staircases where you have to raise your foot to the chin, however I am feeling pretty good about completing its full length!!! First long trail completely hiked, yay!
People we talked to have mostly done it in three days, but we took it a bit slower-in four days during which we had our old tent give up on us-three of the nine fiberglass poles have disintegrated within seconds from each other. With some fixing (rope and some flexible wood) we managed to stay dry-ish for the next two rainy days.
So our recent plans to go to Ucluelet have been postponed by a detour back to Victoria to fix the broken parts of our old LightStar2 Outbound tent that we have bought at MEC gear swap for 25 dollars. Turned out that it would cost about 70 dollars to return it to working condition. Instead, we decided to retire it and invest into something more modern, durable and waterproof. Enters MEC Tarn 2. Shiny.
Heading out of Victoria, we were hoping to go to Ucluelet, but the ride was going to Comox. Joel Fox, a friend of our Montrealais friend Courtis, lives there. Given the chance, we went to see him. And luckily for us that we did! Joel and his family are wonderful folks, kind and very hospitable. The night when we arrived, an awesome Mexican Reggae band was in town, Los Rastrillos. Lot's of positivo in their music, ya!
Having spent two days at Joel's recovering from the road and resting in general, we're heading to Ucluelet once more :)

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