Sunday, July 26, 2009


Because the ferry to Prince Rupert runs only every other day we had to stay in Port Hardy for a day and catch it 5-30 Saturday morning. In Port we found a nice municipal park where we ate our supper and then went into the bushes in search for a place to sleep - nice, dry and comfortable riverbed was there for us!!!
Next day we've met Steve, local farmer who kindly offered to take us to the beach and showed quite a variety of marine life. Besides mussels of different kind, sea urchins and stars there was one we had never seen before - Louis Moon Snail - huge thing , with 15 cm shell and the foot twice as big. Its mainly diet are mussels that she surrounds with its leg and sucks it out of the shell through a small tube. Quite amazing to observe!
There was not so much to do in Port itself and the local hikes are too far to go on the logging roads. So we have decided to spend the day in the library, reading about local aboriginal art and culture and marking places on the map where we would like to go. Lots of pencil on the map now!!!
With lots of impressions and good feelings we left Vancouver Island. Fifteen hour boat ride was amazing , truly beautiful landscapes, whales, abandoned canneries and over 2000m peaks of the coastal BC.


  1. you guys are freaking awesome

  2. Just taking it one ride at a time, maaan ;)

  3. i took up the writing about last year and it's a good feeling: to miss it, miss you guys and at the same time being immensely happy for you that you are doing it all over again - and then some. that is what real life is, i'm so proud i know someone who is living it.