Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Got into Uki late at night, camped in the rainforesty bushes. Went to Tofino the next day, looked around. Found this unofficial hippie-run camping area just outside of the village, with boardwalks through the forest and a lot of camping trailers. You can either pay $10 per person or work for two hours a day. We stayed there for two days, and then heard about this organic farm, so we called the guy up and went there. The farm turned out to be a salad farm, with primitive accommodations and no showers. It's location was quite scenic - it occupies a clear-cut area in the middle of the forest, and you have to travel for 10 km on logging roads to get to it. Total silence, mountains on the horizon and eagles soaring overhead. The head honcho is a surf maniac, so it was imperative that we all went to the beach with him and got our surfing time in every day. A week of surfing culture and salad picking was enough for us, so now we are going to Port Hardy, in hopes of catching a ferry to Prince Rupert, allegedly the most scenic ferry ride in the province.

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