Monday, August 10, 2009


For a week and a half now, we're staying at a resort - yes, you've read correctly - a resort! The place is great - a family run lake-side homestead with 5 cabins for rent. There are canoes, sail-boats and a swimming dock! The peak on the horizon is Hudson Bay Mountain.We're staying in a cabin of our own - an 8 by 8 kid's play shed, with a three foot door and four small windows. The hut is just big enough for our tent, and we're very happy in our little cabane. It sits in the middle of a poplar bush.
We have meals with the family - Wayne and Nina, and their children: Emma, Laura, Robert and Mark. They are an awesome bunch to hang out with!
In return, we are helping Wayne with a greenhouse he's building an impressive structure, destined to provide the family with basket fulls of tomatoes in the near future. Anastasia did some work in the garden, transplanting little beet and carrot plants and she also made this beautiful wind chime to bring some new energy to the garden.
Last weekend, we went to Smithers to meet Jannine - Anastasia's friend from her tree-planting days.
We went up to the local glacier - a pleasant day hike.
Good times all around!


  1. I'm so excited every time I see there's a new entry from you guys :)
    I hope you fix the camera soon! the place sounds pretty great :)

  2. Thanks, hesi, it's a great feeling that our wandering brings joy to people around the earth!
    By the way, we forgot to mention that last week we climbed the path to the local glacier and saw a mighty cold river exiting from the very depths of it. When you look into the cave, it looks like somebody's giant ice throat:)