Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Fuck yeah! is what we say!

Our way to Stewart was a long and tiresome one - we waited for a day and a half on the side of the road near Kitwanga! The longest wait ever. This is how a junction of highways 16 and 37 looks at 11 pm on a Saturday. But an 18-wheeler pulled over, and it was a beautiful and comfortable ride. Stewart met us with drizzle and clouds were hanging low. We went into a campground and asked if we could do some work for the night`s stay. The groundskeeper was so blown away by the offer that he let us stay there for free! As there was still time left in the day, we went on a trail that goes around town, and we saw some beautiful landscapes and big spruce trees. (this one is 8`DBH (diameter at breast height)).
The next day we hitched to Hyder, AK, to see the world renowned Fish creek, where brown bears come to catch salmon in August. Apparently, our timing was triply perfect: first, we came in the prime season for bear watching without even realizing it; second, a big grizzly showed up within minutes of our arrival to the site and third, the weather was kind and we were able to see the tremendous Salmon glacier, where we went after.This is how many beautiful wildlife photographs are made at Fish creek:The gentleman in an orange hat and his wife (out of the picture:) were our first ride in an RV.
We are heading out of Stewart now, and it is still to be decided wheather we go north or south from here!


  1. Great attitude ("Worth the risk? Fuck yeah!"), great photos, great bears and a great story. All in all a great post, I would say!

  2. funny poster, awesome stories, amazing photographs.
    your post - a highlight of my day as always :)

  3. Hello! Surprised to hear about your hitchiking project. Head our way, we'll take you fishing and casual wildlife watching!

    Tolik & Lusine