Thursday, August 20, 2009


A quick update from a complimentary internet station at a gas bar in Clearwater.
After a long time spent thinking and pondering the decision was made not to go further north than Hyder - not an easy call, but a note is made to make a full-scale dedicated journey to the North at a later point.
On the positive side, we had the longest hitching day/distance covered in the last 24 hours: Stewart - Clearwater: 1186 km, in 5 rides.

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The last and the longest ride was with a bearded frenchman with whom we conversed in french half the time, he took us from Houston all the way through the night and dropped us at Clearwater at 6 in the morning.
In comparison, it took us three days to get to Stewart from Smithers.
We are tired, hungry and buzzed out from the hideous amounts of the nastiest roadside coffee we had to consume to stay awake.
All in all, feeling great, as we embark on a search of a family to whom we have a letter from Wayne at Round Lake. Longing for breakfast, showers, laundry, you know, the usual stuff.


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  1. What a ride! Must add a lot to your rating amongst hitching gurus:)