Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As a great finale to our tour of the province, we came to Nelson. The town is unlike any other, the atmosphere is very relaxed, but something is in the air. We arrived just in time for the oneday street festival, with artisans lining the main street and dancing gypsies. Having decided that Nelson is not our type of town, we went out to a hitching spot, heading south. Had a bath is the nearby creek and were feeling good. Then a white Subaru pulled over. The couple, Meg and Ryan, were friendly and we had a good chat. They dropped us off at their turn-off to Ymir (pronounced why-murr). After about 20 minutes, we see the same car stopped, and Megan waives us over. We are invited to stay at their place and have a beer or two, if we want. We sure do!!!
Our new friends have two great friendly bull terriers, and we all go for a walk with the dogs to the near-by river. When they heard that we were not impressed by Nelson, they could not believe, and they changed our opinion about it in the next few days that we stayed with them.
The next day Meg and Ryan took us to a few trails around town, one that climbs the hill, overlooking Nelson, and the other to the old growth forest, where we saw a lot of ancient trees, and the one in particular was HUGE, it took a while to walk around it.
Megan and Ryan are amazing people, really intelligent and with a great sense of humour. We found that we had a lot of similiar views on life. Thank you once again, guys, we are really happy that we met you!
The whole time we were in the area, taking out a camera and taking pictures just did not seem like the thing to do, so we apologize for the lack of photo material, we'll try to represent in the future, we promise!
The road seems to be taking us east now, but how far or for how long is not clear.


  1. With the good vibes that emanate from you two, you seem to attract the best people from each town you pass through. I suppose Anastasia showing a bit of leg by the side of the road helps too. :)

  2. hitchhiking is generally like that