Thursday, June 18, 2009

To the plains!

Our stay in Winnipeg beach has come to an end. We made huge progress on the cottage, installed doors and windows, built decks and stairs - it was fun! Tara's parents came up on the week-end and cooked amazing meals for us, thank you for that Wiebe's Taco Salad!
In the evenings we biked to the beach a couple of times, and hidden in the forest, we found this old mill.
Heading out of Winnipeg tomorrow, hoping for good rides, weather and pretty rainbows in Saskatchewan!

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  1. HI you two! I am glad you are safe and enjoying yourselves. Thanks for updating the blog, keep it up!

    In news from me, I won't be in BC at all this summer. In more positive news, if you make it back to Montreal before next summer, I will probably be there! That's right, I am moving back in with Curtis. More details on that when we are face to face.

    Much love, kristen