Sunday, January 24, 2010


Итак, we have left Mexico. 6000 kms in 2 months, from Tihuana to Tulum. We tried to trace our route in Google maps, but apparently Google can´t follow roads in Mexico. Could anybody suggest a better alternative?
Now come a whole bunch of small, hot and humid countries. Belize is already behind our backs, which certainly feels good. During all the 48 hours that we spent there, we were approached for money more times than in all of Mexico. Partially because of that it was really hard to get rides in Belize, the locals, just like in Mexico, seem to be travelling in taxis to almost everywhere they go, even if the destination is three blocks away. A strip of bad luck hit us in Belize: two cars, one after the other, in which we were travelling, broke down.
After a bit of hustling with the money changers at the Belize-Guatemala border we safely crossed over. Finally we are back to Spanish speaking world, but the hitching part still has not improved. It is really hot and humid, the road is unpaved and there are more damn taxis on the road then cars. May be tomorrow will be a better day?
We have reached the edge on our Mexico map, so it seems like we have to go to Guatemala City, where we think there is a high chance of finding a map of Central America. In the towns we have passed so far the best maps they got are in the backs of tourist brochures. The real maps are simply not in stock.

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