Thursday, January 21, 2010


We stayed in Tulum for three days. We found the public showers, yey!!! No hot water though, but it´s ok. We also went to the beach, swam in the Carribean Sea, relaxed from the road as much as we could, camping in the forest... but we were still sweating, all day, even at night, it is so hot here! The sea is really an amazing array of shades of turquise blue, but it can all change to dark blue really fast if the cloud is passing overhead.

One exciting thing happened to us in Tulum: we met Ferenc and Istvan, two Hungarians walking around the Earth! If that was not enough, the really exciting part is that we were following their blog for almost a year now, and that day we just finished reading their last post, that said that they have arrived in Tulum. We left the internet place, talking about them and saying how cool it would be to actually meet them and lo and behold! There they were, walking towards us on the street!!! Dressed in similiar grey clothes, big bags, beards, it was them!
We camped with them for two nights, listening to their incredible stories from the road, talking about Mexicans and people in general... Wow. We have a link to their blog on the right, check it out.
Our mini-vacation is over, we are going south to Chetumal and then through Belice and Guatemala...


  1. When Universe answering your wishes it means you are in a good state of mind!

  2. Guatemala is way way better than Beliz. don't waste your time, don't go to Beliz city; i hear the surroundings are cool but the city itself is a ghetto where white people are disliked. i'm soliciting advice for you from my wide network of clandestine revolutionary contacts-)

  3. Yes, the coincidence was indeed awesome, we are still excited about it :)
    Rodgar, your revolutionary info is correct, we got the same insight from two black dudes who smoked with us on the side of the road, in an orange tree grove. They told us about gangs and problems in the city, so we followed their advice not to hang around too long and were out of the country in 24 hours:)

  4. i found you another contact in mexico, but it seems you are way ahead of me. anyway he's a great drummer and an awesome guy,
    if you guys are thinking argentina, i got some people there in buenos-aires and la plata, language will be a problem, but you'll manage. i used to know a lot of very cool colombians, but i can't find them now, c'est dommage.