Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More ruins

After more rides in the backs of pick-ups, big rigs and cars of all sorts we have arrived to Yucatan peninsula, loaded with mayan ruins. There are so many pyramids here! It´s of course impossible to see them all, so we went for a few major ones like Tonina and Palenque, and it feels like enough ruins for now.
Both of the ancient cities were overwelmingly beautiful and impressive, with steep stairs and underground passages, in some places you can even see the stucco reliefs, some with traces of paint left from a thousand years ago!!!

Following an advice of a friend from Mexico city we came to Tulum, wich turned out to be a congregation of Jeep-driving tourists, with overpriced food and no public showers, damn! We´ll go see what the beach looks like, hopefully there will be a spot for our tent somewhere amongst the palm trees...

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