Monday, January 4, 2010

Mexico City

We rolled into the city on an 18-wheeler, the first one in Mexico for us. The driver had no map and we had to ask for directions the people on the streets many times. Nevertheless we made it fine, and met our CS host Esteban the same evening. He is a geek with a big smile and a great music collection, he plays base and cracks jokes all the time! Geeks rule!
We are slowly picking up Spanish and here are some interesting ones (for a Russian ear):
Pruebalo - try it!
Ahuehuete - local tree species
Huevon (pronounced: uebon) - a derivative from "huevo", an egg. The closest translation in English would be a couch potato, a person who does nothing all day.
Huipulco - a name of a metro station

The following several days were a haze of drinking and partying with Estban's many friends. Beer, tequila, pulque... Happy new year, by the way!
On the second day in the city we went to Cayoacan, where we visited Trotskiy's legendary homestead-fortress. Tall walls, turrets, thick metal doors... and bullet marks on the bedroom walls! Brrr, we felt goose bumps on that sunny day.
On Jan.1st we went to Teotihuacan, a grand archeological site, ruins of a city with around 200 000 population at the hight of its glory.
Mexico City reminded us of Moscow, simply replace cactuses and palm trees with snow and cold. Same micro buses, markets by the metro, bakeries and architectural styles. We are heading out tomorrow, bound for Oaxaca, famous for its cheeses, rich cuisine and "hippie" atmosphere.


  1. I would say 2010 is looking pretty damn good for you two. May your great adventure roll on. Happy New Year.

  2. We are proud of you, guys!
    Happy New Year!!!